Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Common Signs With Warner Brothers Records

Warner Brothers Records co-president/CEO Todd Moscowitz announced Friday that Common has signed with Warner Brothers Records. Common was once on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music which just signed a deal with Def Jam. Common tweeted: “I’m very grateful to be a part of this family, to be a part of this team,” Common told crowd in the Warner Bros. Records courtyard. “We have very inspirational, exciting music to team up with you. We’re just open to what this change can bring.”

Exclusive Interview From Ric Lamar Clothing

Here we introduce to you the clothing
Founded: 2008

ASC:Tell us about yourself and your brand: How did you
come up with the name?
RL: Funny thing is certain email browsers disect your name and come up with one... And just so happen this is the one they came up with. Then a friend said that sounds fancy I'd buy clothes with that name. And there you have it.

ASC:What does the name mean to you?
RL:The name means freedom. I am my own boss.

ASC: Can you give a description of your line?
RL: Our line is street wear with an edge... We like to call it concrete couture... It is clothes with a meaning and a responsibility... Allowing christian young women and men to be cutting edge and fashion forward but remembering "modest is hottest" (jesus couture)

ASC: What influenced you to start your own line?
RL: God was the only factor... I never wanted to design or sew but God blessed me to be around people and mentors who gave me tips and some training like Clayretta Wilson, Jasmine Malone and Linda Bell... The talent these women posses influenced me to keep going with God's backing.

ASC:What makes your line different from the others out there?
RL:There is no others like ours... There is no comparison.

ASC: I know every company faces challenges, so can you tell us what challenges you’ve encountered while running a business? And how do you overcome these challenges?
RL: Because we were doing something new in our arena... Many christians did not know how to take us... We were put out of churches. And became the shock value of most shows... We decided to follow God only making and doing what he leads us to do.

ASC: What advertising methods have you used to promote your line?
RL: TV, Radio, fashion shows, showcases, flyers and social networking but we find the best advertising is word of mouth...

ASC: What future projects do you have lined up and how far are you willing to take this venture?
RL: We are curently planning our fall/winter collection which will be in september, we are also stepping into bridal and working on a full line for full figured fashion... We plan on taking this as. Far as God will allow... Staying focus on our main mission which is "the runway is our pulpit"

ASC: Are there any designers you look up to?
RL:The ultimate designer which is God can you get any better than that... As for as mainstream designer Pre- alexander Mcqueen and Vivenne Westwood

ASC: Where can people buy your clothing or find out more about it?
RL: We have a studio in portsmouth... Located @ 728 high st suite 200 portsmouth va 23704

We also have a facebook store www.facebook.com/riclamarclothing
City/State: Portsmouth Va
Website: www.riclamar.com

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swizz Beatz Covers 2011 Cover Paper Magazine

Music Producer & Now Shoe Desginer Swizz Beatz Cover The 2011 Front Page of Paper Magazine..Swizzy has been in the lime light alot lately with the recent split from his wife, to getting married to one of the hottest ladies in the hip hop game, to having a baby and being appointed creative designer for Reebok also he has a new song he is featured on CAN A DRUMMER GET SOME .. Check out his pics below he really steped out the box with this one

Looks Like Chris Breezy Has Started A Trend Rapper Soulja Boy Dyes His Hair Blonde

Looks like Chris Breezy Has Started A New Trend With Dying Your Hair Blonde.. Youtube Sensation Soulja Boy took a photo of himself with his new hair color change.. America can agree that its look like he put SWAGGG behind the hair color change but most people actually like it.. Great way to stay relevant and also to keep the people talking..

Actor Will Smith Is Teaching Us About Relationships!!!Take Heed

After being married for 13 years to wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, actor Will Smith seems like he would be a good person to sit down and talk with about how to make a healthy marriage work. He recently spoke with Essence about relationships, schooling us on not only love and marriage, but what men need to be happy. He says that every man wants to marry their “homie,” avoid nagging by direct affection, give your man a little space, and keep things mysterious:

If You Marry Your Best Friend, You’re Good
Every man wants to marry his homie, Will explained. A lot of women will impress them, but it’s the one they can always laugh with and be themselves with that will ultimately impress them the most. If you can be yourselves around each other, 100 percent of the time, and they can make you laugh like no one else can, you’ll never have a dull moment together.

Remind Him of What He Has
When you start to feel that you’re nagging your husband to the point of no return and nothing you’re saying is getting through, Will suggests you try a new approach. Hold him close, look him right in the eyes, and tell him that you love him, you’re right there, and you always will be, BUT you need him to pick his socks up – right now. As Will puts it, it’s important to remind him that your request is coming from a good place, and what you want is a small thing in the grand scheme of things. Um, genius!

All Men Need A Little Space
“If you don’t give your husband thirty minutes to himself when he first gets home he’ll stop coming home,” Will told me, straight up. (You’re thinking, no way, right? I did too!) When I asked Will when a wife was supposed to say her piece, he responded, “anytime after that.” Will reminded me that everyone’s home needs to feel like a happy place, and it won’t if you’re “greeted with negativity” every time you enter the door. Touché Will. Talk about a pause for the cause.

Focus on Balance and Excitement Always
According to Will and Jada’s way of thinking about marriage, maintaining a happy union isn’t just about making time for one another, it’s about making the time count too. Excitement and mystery are everything, he said. Surprise them, let them know you love them, laugh together – whatever it takes to put a smile on their face.


Shout out to Hip Hollywood

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Smith & Jay-Z Hang Out On The Set Of MIB3

Lately Actor Will Smith & Mogul Jay-z Has Been Seen Together Lately Alot, not because Will Smith Daughter Willow Smith is signed to Jay-z Roc Nation Label But because the to have been reportly working on an movie production company & some other partnering business ventures in the mix.

But as they say Money hang with Money to basically discuss how to get more money.. But right now Will Smith is Currently in NYC shooting His Latest Movie MIB3..But a couple of weeks ago Will Smith was the talk of the town when he had 2 massive size RV pull up that were big enough to hold a personal gym and some other stuff a big time movie actor would want..

Drake Receives Hal David Starlight Songwriter's Hall of Fame Award

Drake was presented with the Hal David Starlight Award at the 42nd Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Awards Gala last night (June 16th), at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

Drake, who is the first Hip-Hop artist to receive the award, was honored alongside other iconic musicians, including Chaka Khan, Garth Brooks, and Allen Toussaint.

Before being presented his award by producer and musician Jimmy Jam, Drake performed “The Calm,” from his So Far Gone mixtape, for the first time at an award show or event, and in honor of John Bettis.

Before presenting Drake with the Hal David Starlight Award, Jimmy Jam praised the rapper not only for his songwriting, but for his ability to blend both singing and rapping.

Drake arrived at the ceremony with his mother and he dedicated the award to her during his acceptance speech.

Drake later tweeted after receiving the award: "Just won the most incredible award and performed for my mother… a year ago today she was being wheeled into a surgery room …I love you.”

The Hal David Starlight Award is given to young gifted songwriters who are making significant impact in the music industry with their original songs.

The Songwriter’s Hall of Fame has stated that Drake is one of music’s brightest new stars lauded for his songwriting prowess, melodious hooks and emotionally transparent performances.