Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teenager Designer Makes 35 Prom Dresses For Free

Most high school students take it one day at a time. Tanesa Patterson takes it season by season. She's 16. Not even driving yet, but already designing and selling her own fashion line.

Tanesa's always loved pretty clothes, and the dream to design them started at 12.

"It all started with a thought in mind, that everybody is beautiful no matter what size or what shapes they are, and that also, I just couldn't find any clothes that fit my style," she said

"Nesa Fab" celebrates a girl's individual style. The clothes are sold online, and it's where Tanesa's bold idea to give away prom dresses took shape.

Tanesa is on a mission to make 35 girls the princesses at the prom, all for free.

She asked girls to write essays telling her why they should be prom princess. If picked, they would get a free makeover from head to toe including a dress designed and sewn by Tanesa.

"She inspires so many people. She's always out to see what she can give with her clothing line, never about what she can receive," Kendra Dennis, Tanesa's mother said. (TO CHECK OUT THE VIDEO)

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  1. I love their playful take on this new trend. I especially love all the bright colored prom dresses from ycdress and dressesforbest