Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exclusive Interview With Peter Banton "Money Baggs Clothing"

Clothing line name :Moneybaggs Clothing

City / State :Nottingham, England

ASC: So tell us about yourself and your brand ?

MBC: I've been involved in the clothing game since 2005, that was when i was running a clothing shop and physically travelling to new york to buy and import back to the UK,

So from that point i knew what was hot and what was not, while still working in the clothing shop

I gathered hundreds of emails and contacts numbers and these were used to contact my first customers.From starting moneybaggs clothing label with my brother kimmi, it has been pure positivity every single day.

Everday i meet new customers, new artist asking to wear a t-shirt in their next video, to the general support of people loving the brand worldwide. Words cant even explain how far the brand has gone already.

I think everybody wants a strong moneybag, but the good thing is you can now wear moneybaggs .

ASC:How did you come up with the name ?

MBC:The name came about because we all want money and need money to survive,thats what we are all chasing weather we like it or not.And no matter how much we say we hate money, we all need that moneybagg, just to make things clear there is no greed in the name

ASC:What does the name mean to you?

MBC:Everday there are people struggling to make ends meet. bills that cant be paid ,unhappy people that are working everday but are not happy in their job. im not saying everbody is made for business , but all it takes is that one idea that could make you live like a king, and escape all their problems, so to me moneybaggs repersents motivation, prosperity, purpose, and choice.

ASC:Can you give a description of your line ?

MBC: Moneybaggs Stocks Tshirts, Jumpers, Hoodies, Woolie Hats, Caps, Moneybagg pendants chains,
Quilted Jackets, Varsity Jackets in differant colors.We also do wholesale on these jackets to anyone or label trying to do their own jackets. We also do embroidery on the jacket with your own exclusive design.

ASC:What influenced you to start (MONEYBAGGS CLOTHING)

MBC:When i was younger i used to see brands like Fubu, Karl Kani, and thought thats what i would like to do.But when your young you dont have the resources and contacts to make it happen , so i just put the idea to one side untill the right opportunity came around again.

ASC:What makes your brand different from the others out there?

MBC: The name alone repersent what most people talk about and want everyday, moneybaggs!

ASC:I know every company faces challenges so can you tell us what challenges you run into while running a business? And how do you overcome these challenges?

MBC: I think the first biggest challenge is knowing yourself ,accepting the fact that if things are not working out ,your not going to give up also in any situation you got to surrond yourself with the right people with the correct information, as their are people that are qualified in the knowlegde u need.

ASC: What advertising methods have you used to promote your line?

MBC: Word of mouth, Radio, Flyers, Newspaper,

ASC: What future projects do you have lined up and how far are you willing to take this venture?

MBC: Its all about moneybaggs at the moment, conquering new grounds, i want to see moneybaggs in timesquare on a billboared
next to P.Diddy or Jay z

ASC: Where can people buy your clothing or find out more about it?

MBC: As we speak we have a new website being made, but at the present moment you can add me on facebook with (CLICK HERE)

And look at what products we have. OR BB PIN ME 211713C4

Any last shout outs ?

MBC:First and foremost got to praise god for blessing moneybaggs to this level, my bro kimmi , j.human from new york ., rj fashion king new york-(true entraprenuer from birth), adonai clothing-new york, flygeenius clothing-new york . If i forgot anyone you know who you are.

Ok There you have it (MONEYBAGGS CLOTHING) support creativity people...check out the website (FACEBOOK-PETERBANTON@HOTMAIL.COM).

Thank you for taking the time out to interview with me and Adonai Signature Clothin wishes you the best in everything you do

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